Talk Trash Spokane Ad campaign (ROUND TWO!)

Well, the powers-that-be at Talk Trash Spokane liked me enough to bring me back for more trash talk! On April 10th, 2012, we shot the following TWO commercials!! Keep an eye on this post, as I’ll be adding the Blooper Reel soon (and it’s sure to not disappoint!). As always, your feedback in the comments section below is encouraged. Thank you!!


6 Responses to “Talk Trash Spokane Ad campaign (ROUND TWO!)”

  1. Evelyn Ainley says:

    How can I see your newest “This means something” commercial. I’ve only caught a part of it on the air. I looked for it here and couldn’t find it.
    Your Mom.

  2. dave ainley says:

    Mom, there’s one more commercial that’ll be going live soon. I was waiting for that one before making a post, but maybe I’ll just go ahead and post them separately. Love you!

  3. Josh says:

    DAVE AINLEY..schucks I knew that was you!!!!
    Josh Hawley here…remember me?? haha- I keep seein you on them commercials and Im like…I know that guy….now I know im right!

  4. dave ainley says:

    Ha! Course I remember you, Josh!! How’s life?!

  5. Vanessa says:

    Why do the commercials say you can recycle pizza boxes but the top of the recycling can says they are not accepted?

  6. Dave Ainley says:

    Good question. You can’t recycle them in your blue bin. It has to be the green “yard waste/compost” bin.

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