Sam & Shayla’s Engagement Session!

I can’t tell you just how excited I am to both show you guys the results of this AWESOME engagement session I did a couple weeks ago with Sam & Shayla, and to shoot their wedding!! Sam interned with me a couple of summers ago, and during that time we had an awesome chance to get to know each other. Naturally, when it came time to pick a wedding photographer, he gave me a call. Here’s what Sam had to say…

“We’ve known each other for about 7 years now. As church acquaintances with the same “group of friends”, we don’t even remember meeting; we have simply always known each other. To us, it was nothing; joking over texts, sending scriptures back and forth… we were just looking out for each other…

“In 2009, we had just turned 16 and went out to coffee to read our bibles and catch up (she always knew I liked her). We never had to worry about hurting each other. She remembers her oldest brother Mitch, telling her “No guy goes to coffee with a girl, to read the bible, if he isn’t interested her.”

“During the next couple years, high school took over, I was consumed with Running Start and she was involved with DECA and wanting to get out of high school. We saw each other at church, but nothing more. Senior year, we joined a small group for up-and-coming college students hosted by her brother and his girlfriend (now his wife). …

“I was at her house every Sunday night for 4 weeks. That was more than we had ever seen of each other. In June of 2011, spontaneously, we escaped with another friend to church camp for the day. I never left her side. … 



“August 31st, the day before she left for France, I came over late to say my last goodbyes and give her a mixed CD that I listened to all the time. …


“The first time we Skyped was on my birthday, Sept 15 at our friend Cori’s house, due to my lack of a webcam. From there, our dating began (Skype dates, emails, birthday cards…). …



“We invested in each other from 11,000 miles away. How could we not fall in love? God set us up. Let’s be honest. …

“We chose Dave Ainley Photography because want people to see our story for the beautiful, cinematic epic that it is. Who we are (artistic tendencies and talents), as well as our love for each other are magnified through Dave’s style and modern look.”

-Samuel McGhee



My two cents- Sam & Shayla are some of the most wonderful, tenderhearted and loving people you may ever meet. If you’re ever blessed enough to have a conversation with either of them, soak it up, revel in it. These are genuine people. 

I’m so excited to photograph their wedding this September 15, 2013 (Sam’s birthday). It’s guaranteed to be amazing, because these are just those kinds of people. Thanks for checking out the blog post, and make sure to leave a comment below!


God bless!!


P.S.- All photos from this session were shot with Kodak Portra 400. Make sure to ask for film with your session!


3 Responses to “Sam & Shayla’s Engagement Session!”

  1. Gayle Milward says:

    I have known Sam his whole life, and he is an amazing person. I love him very much. Shayla I have know her just a short time but find her to be incredible. What a great couple they are, the love they have will last a lifetime and I’m so grateful to be a small part of their lives. Love to you both and may God guide you during your magnificent journey.

  2. Claire Liezen says:

    Brilliant job, Dave! Not only are these gorgeous photos (love the lighting!), you’ve captured the sweetness of this couple. Well done. It’s always a pleasure seeing your work. Hope you’re well!

  3. Taylor Rupert says:

    I have nown sam for a couple of years he is an amazing guy in christ. I love seeing him smile. Then I meet shayla a little after I meet sam. Shayla is an amazing pretty ladie. I love talking to ger wen I’m having a bad day. I love seeing her smile. I love both of them and I am so happy for their marrage. Congrats to both…..
    Love taylor

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