Gus Johnson Ford Commercial (web only)

I was recommended by Ryan Throckmorton of Quinn Group Advertising and Marketing for playing the part of a husband in a local Ford commercial. We had a ton of fun shooting it, and some of the video you see here was the result of the more spontaneous outtakes. Due to the fact that I trash-talked myself so much, I didn’t really want this version aired on TV all over the northwest, so we kept it as a web exclusive. Since then, I have been hired by Gus Johnson for two more photo sessions, the results of which are on display at the Spokane Arena, as well as in local print ads for the dealership. Anyway, its really just for fun that I’m even posting it, but I hope you enjoy “On My List.”

*If you are interested in hiring me for any acting work, please send en email from the Contact page. Thank you!

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