Metachoi Designs is here!!

Dave Ainley Photography is proud to announce the launch of a BRAND NEW business venture with local artist Jeremy Vermilion!





Metachoi (pron. ‘Meta-Koi’) Designs is specifically focusing on tackling more design oriented projects, ranging from logo, web, and print design, to mixed media pieces of both camera and paintbrush, and utilizing the absolute best of our brains mashed together into one giant clustercuss of  AWESOME. If you’re interested in giving your business a boost with an incredible logo, amazing new business card, or the most fantastical website imagineable, or if maybe you want every single person who walks through the front door of your home or business to see the most spectacular senior, wedding, family or work photo-art hybrid they could ever imagine, then Metachoi Designs is EXACTLY what you’re looking for.

Call Dave @ 509.217.1099 or email (temp) now to cash in on something TRULY BRILLIANT.

For all the rest of you out there twiddling your thumbs in anticipation, get ready for some TASTY new eye candy!

We’ll start you all off with this photo/art collaboration by Jeremy…


And follow it up with a little taste of our collaborative efforts…


P.S.- You’re about to get your mind blown.

2 Responses to “Metachoi Designs is here!!”

  1. David says:

    Yes! AMAZINGness!!! More please!!!!!

  2. dave ainley says:

    Ohhhhh, it’s coming!!

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