McKennah & Camdyn’s Sister Session – February 27, 2013

I don’t know what’s happened to the time. Just last week, my nieces McKennah, nearly 5 years old, and Camdyn, pushing 4, were 2 and 1. It’s amazing how what they say is true. Time really flies. Well, commemorating their birthdays (which are just two months apart and coming up fast!), we had to get our now annual session in. Daddy (my brother Nate) and I took the girls out to explore the ‘lesser’ areas of Spokane and get some sweet photos along the way. We made up wild stories about a grumpy old troll named Stephen (who lives in the orange building you’ll see in a few of the upcoming photos), had jumping high-five competitions, and even ventured off into the woods for whimsical piano performances of old children’s songs (and a potty break gone wrong- whoops!). At any rate, this was a session to remember and the photos I got along the way capture a bit of what our afternoon was like. Have yourself a look…


I’m a very fortunate man to be able to have such stunning looking models for family. Kennah Bear and Cami Buns, I love you girls endlessly. Thank you for such a great day! I needed “us” time!

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  1. Rachel says:

    These are cute! I see better what you mean by the “industrial” background, it works! I have enjoyed looking through your website and the design is really good- simple and easy to navigate. Good work!

  2. Jan and Abby Jo says:

    Recently checked your site to see what was new in Ainley’s corner of the world. Disappointment…nothing there. Just looked this morning and voila! there you are again. I enjoyed the whimsicality of “the little girls”. You do know that you have a way with words as well as photos? Each photo of “the girls” showed that not only do they loved the shooting, but one another. Looking at your shots always amaze me…from the first time I saw them at the downtown Scone Ranger! (an aside…recently saw the wonderful tribute the Ainley family did for brother, uncle Greg.
    Heartwarming! God bless the Ainleys. Jan Phillips. Abby and I loved our Ainley shoot, as did the people who got photos(poses and subjects…ahhhh)

  3. Dave Ainley says:

    Well thank you, Jan! That tribute to Uncle Greg warms my heart every time I see it, too! Glad I was able to satiate your hunger for more Dave Ainley Photography! 😉 Did you see the new post at ?

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