Jordan & Taylor’s Engagement Session – February 20, 2012

Why is it that a little boy’s best plan for getting a girl’s attention is by bullying her? That’s something I’ll never understand. It seems like we ALL did it, though, and Jordan was no exception.

It was 7th grade, and Jordan and Taylor shared an English class at Salk Elementary School in Spokane, Wa. He constantly harassed, made fun of, and tried to get Taylor in trouble with their teacher. He was a bully- plain and simple. Imagine being a 12 year old on the receiving end of this kind of abuse.

[Editor’s note: It’s probably easy for you, as I’m sure you’re a girl and experienced the exact same scenario. After all, what’s the likeliness of you being a dude and stalking the blogs of photographers who post sappy love stories and romantic pictures of couples in love? … Awkward silence, guys? No worries. I’m flattered that you’re watching my blog and don’t consider it weird at all- but you’re undoubtedly in the minority!] 

Anyway, I digress…

So Jordan picked on Taylor, and she couldn’t stand him. Then out of the blue one day, Jordan decided it was time to let Taylor in on a little secret. He liked her. Obviously shocked at his sudden change of heart, Taylor -who completely loathed Jordan- was confused. Why, after all, would he make her life such a living hell if he wanted to be with her?

“Easy. Boys are idiots.”


Well, in typical boyish behavior, he informed her the very next day that he was over her. Big surprise, Jordan.

Fast forward two years. Taylor and Jordan were freshmen at Shadle Park High School and had many mutual friends. Jordan got the idea in his head that he was finally ready to pursue his middle school crush, so he set out a trail of Sweetheart candies leading to him, where he stood alone holding a poster board sign that asked her to the Valentine’s Day dance. For some reason, she said yes.


After that, they began dating. Like any young relationship, they had their fair share of ups and downs, but always seemed to work through their problems together. Apparently all their peers were touched by their affections towards each other, because three years later they voted the two “Cutest Couple” in their senior yearbook.

After high school, Jordan and Taylor both moved to the west side of the state where they attended separate colleges. The distance proved more difficult than they thought, however, and they decided to take a break. Well, in typical Taydan style (that’s the Hollywood nickname I just assigned them), the two best friends found themselves back together again. Taylor transferred to the University of Washington Tacoma campus where Jordan attended, and they got an apartment together.

Probably to ensure their relationship would never be pulled apart again, they made their first big investment as a couple- a dog named Milano.

[Editor’s note: Apparently they’re HUGE Alyssa Milano fans. Yeah, I know it’s weird that she’s in on it, too. You should see the posters- LITERALLY EVERYWHERE.].

On July 7th, 2011, Jordan invited Taylor down to one of her favorite beaches. When she got there she found the shoreline covered with balloons and in the sand, the words “MARRY ME?”. He was the man of her dreams, so she agreed with a resounding “YES!”


On August 4th, 2012, Taydan will tie the knot at the Frederick Manor in Fox Island, Wa.

Love has a weird way of manifesting itself. Funny how these things work out, isn’t it? Congratulations, you two!


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