Dan & Morgan’s Engagement Session – January 12, 2012

If there was ever a love story worth telling, it’s theirs…

Dan was destined to be with Morgan from Day 1. They met in January of 2007 at Groovy Shoes, an annual basketball game between both Shadle Park & North Central high schools where each school competes for the game and the shoe (an award given for best school spirit). Shadle’s theme that year was “Groovy Tales”. Morgan (a senior) had auditioned for and earned the role of Cinderella, while an unsuspecting Dan (a junior) had tried out for and been cast as Prince Charming. Like I said, this was written in the stars.

After the big game, a friendship was established and an amazing bond formed between the two of them that has lasted all these years. Morgan knew that Dan was a rare man of pure heart- a true Prince Charming, while Dan saw Morgan as a woman set apart from every other girl, much like Cinderella. A beautiful thing about Dan & Morgan’s relationship is how pure it’s been from the start. Both of them guarded their hearts so much and protected themselves from getting in over their heads with dating. Never alone together, they spent countless hours on her back porch talking and eating Fruity Cheerios, a favorite snack of them both. Sometimes they’d caravan to the top of 5-mile road, and out on the prairie away from the busyness of the city, they’d look at the stars and talk for hours on end from the hoods of their own cars. He treated her with the utmost respect and adoration, and when the annual Sadie Hawkins dance came around in the Spring, Cinderella asked Prince Charming with a t-shirt she wore that read, “Will you go with me to Sadie’s?” Underneath was a box with the word “Yes.”

Dan checked that box.


The school year came to an end and one day, Morgan made an important decision. She was accepted into Washington State University, and off she went to college. Not wanting to be held back by her past, Cinderella ran from high school, leaving her metaphorical glass slipper behind. The Prince was devastated, but held tight to that one shoe. With another year left in high school and Morgan gone, Dan knew there was no point in investing time into any other girl. Morgan was his soulmate. All through his senior year he kept up their friendship through random texts, phone calls, and online conversations. Dan pursued Morgan relentlessly. She on the other hand had different plans, and began to date other guys.

Here’s where this story gets great.

Morgan, as hard as she tried, could never let go. Every guy she dated paled in comparison, both in character and personality to Dan, but she was proud. Discouraged but not defeated, Dan had faith in “them.” He continued in his pursuit for his long lost Princess.

High school came to an end, and as fate would have it, a last minute change of plans landed the Prince at WSU. Capitalizing on this golden opportunity, he brought with him that one precious piece of her in the hopes that he might reunite the Princess with her slipper and consequently, get her back. During his freshman year, he took the leap and asked her out. In her stubborn pridefulness of wanting to completely separate herself from her past, she blatantly rejected him- stating clearly that they were just friends.

Distraught at her rejection, Dan made up his mind to move on. He swore he would never give his heart to her, but would remain friends forever because they were far too close for him to let go completely. To prove his level of commitment to this new decision, he wrote it out, signed it on paper, and began to see other girls. They never compared. Meanwhile, she made the same vow. As the lone slipper gathered dust somewhere in the recesses of the Prince’s heart, they both moved on. With a newly defined status of “just friends”, the Prince and Princess continued to talk. As they shared plenty of mutual acquaintances, they found themselves in the same groups quite often. On the weekends and for holidays, they carpooled the hour-long drive together from Pullman to Spokane and back again. This gave them plenty of time to grow their friendship, and ofttimes they’d pull off to the side of the road and just chat. Over the years that followed, their relationship continued to blossom. Morgan would confide in Dan and Dan in her. In everything they wrestled with, they knew they had each other’s support. Although no relationship between them was ever discussed, they secretly imagined their lives with each other.

Then came the summer of 2011. Dan and Morgan were both a part of the same bridal party for mutual friends. They walked the aisle together when suddenly Morgan realized that Dan was everything she’d ever dreamt of. He was the man she wanted to walk the aisle to when that magical day came for her.

The next week, Dan visited Morgan at the coffee shop where she worked. For the first time, they discussed the possibility of a relationship with each other. Two weeks passed without a word. Frustrated at his lack of communication, she’d nearly written him off again when, on July 18th, Dan swallowed his pride, dug out that old glass heel, and tried again. His timing and that fit were perfect and this time, she said yes.

It didn’t take long before they declared their love for each other. However, another obstacle presented itself. Dan was leaving on a 3 1/2 month trip to China on August 30th. The fact that they’d been through more than their fair share of obstacles along this long journey that ultimately led them to each other is what made it so easy for the new lovebirds to handle this distance. As the weeks passed, they wrote each other day and night, and when she went to pick up her best friend from the airport on December 19th, the man that stepped off the plane was so much more than that.

On January 7th, as they were on their way back from a basketball game in Pullman’s neighboring town of Colfax, the Prince pulled off to the side of the road- the very same road they’d stopped along so many times on their commutes to and from college. In the bitter cold, he asked her to sit out on the hood of his car with him and look up at the beautiful stars. Cinderella agreed- probably more because of the fact that this was no spontaneous act for the couple. This was a tradition and a shared passion. Bringing with him a box of Fruity Cheerios, they sat together in the freezing cold and ate as they watched the illuminated evening sky. Seeing her cold, he held her close as he told her that he’d spoken with her father that morning.


He climbed off the hood of his car, handed her a permanent marker and removed his button down to reveal a t-shirt that read, “Will you marry me?” Underneath was a box with the word “Yes.”

Morgan checked that box twice.


On August 18, 2012, Prince Charming will marry his Cinderella in Spokane, Washington…




and they’ll live happily ever after.

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  1. Uncle Donovan and Aunt Connie says:


    We’ll leave the Rincon and drive to your wedding.

    Looking forward to seeing the two of you and all the family.

    Donovan and Connie

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