Close Encounters of The Blue Kind

I was hired yet again by Quinn Group Advertising and Marketing and the people at Talk Trash Spokane to star in two more local commercials!! I’ll post the second one later, but it won’t go live for another couple of weeks so I’ll wait on it for now. I know some people have been asking to see this one in particular, so here it is! Bonnie Quinn-Clausen (owner of Quinn Group) is a big fan of the Steven Spielberg film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Unfortunately, this reference only makes sense to a small percentage of the people who actually see the commercial (as it came out in ’77 and most people haven’t even seen it!), but to the rest of them, it’s fun enough that it probably doesn’t really matter. This whole commercial is her baby. I was just the one fortunate enough to be able to have some fun with it on screen!

In the movie, husband and father Roy Neary (played by Richard Dreyfuss) has witnessed a UFO sighting. In the wake of the event, he begins to behave erratically, and his family notices that he’s basically starting to crack. The scene portrayed in the commercial you see here is spoofed from the movie, and you can find a original film version of it here: Close Encounters- mashed potatoes. In the movie, Neary is sculpting his mashed potatoes into the basic shape of Devil’s Tower. In our version, I’m making the new ‘Big Blue’ recycling bin. If you’re curious, yes I did actually sculpt the potatoes.

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*When I get a higher res version, I’ll upload it. For now, this’ll have to do. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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