Chris & Kallee’s Engagement Session – February 16, 2013

Kallee and I went to high school together. She’s one of the sweetest girls you’ll ever meet, so it only made sense that she would end up with an awesome guy like Chris. These two deserve each other. Watching them laugh together was such an amazing highlight for me on their engagement session! I swear, I have the coolest job. Anyway, their session was so great, the emotion so fantastic, I had to share! I know their wedding will be a blast, but until then you’ll all have to be happy with these! As always, your feedback is coveted!


Whenever I get the opportunity to photograph an old friend/acquaintance, I get really excited. It’s so cool to shoot for people who knew me BEFORE I made a name for myself!! 

SIDE NOTE: THIS is why you invest the money to hire a photographer who really knows what they’re doing! If you’d have asked them before the session, they’d tell you how nervous and uncomfortable they were to be photographed. Can you even tell?!

6 Responses to “Chris & Kallee’s Engagement Session – February 16, 2013”

  1. Kallee Robinson says:

    Love these photos! Dave really has a talent for capturing our personalities and love! Thanks so much Dave!

  2. dave ainley says:

    You’re welcome, Kallee! I’m so excited you guys are entrusting such a major event to us! It means a lot!

  3. Michelle Ochs says:

    The pics are beautiful! I especially love the one where she’s kissing him laying down. Very sweet.

  4. dave ainley says:

    Thank you, Michelle! That was Kallee’s idea! It turned out pretty great, huh?

  5. LeeAnn Ray says:

    Amazing work for an amazing couple! My sister is a beautiful person inside and out!

  6. Kristin Joy says:

    I love these photos and can’t wait to see the Wedding Photos that were taken this weekend. Great job, Dave.

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