Chris & Andrea’s Engagement Session – April 20, 2012

“Here is a little bit about Chris and I… It’s simple and cliché’ but here goes.

I was bartending at Applebee’s. Chris’ best friend would come into my store every single Sunday and sit at my bar. He became one of my regulars. We would chat and eventually started hanging out. On St. Patricks’ Day in 2008, he and some friends came in with Chris. I wasn’t really interested because he was with another girl at the time, and although he seemed nice, he didn’t spark my interest much. One night in July I went over to a friend’s house and Chris happened to be there. We started talking and exchanged numbers.

The next night I found myself at his best friend’s house, and there he was again! We started chatting, although I honestly had no interest (he was nice and seemed friendly!). Apparently we couldn’t resist each other, because our chance encounters became more and more frequent! We continued talking, texting, and hanging out.

We spent holidays with his family, and became “officially” a couple on November 26, 2008. In April of 2009, Chris bought a house and we moved in together, but we spent 8 months apart when I went to Arizona to pursue my career in education.

Although things had been moving forward, the tension of  being apart was too great. We took a break from our relationship, thinking that this would never work. However, in January of 2012 I returned to Spokane for a visit. Chris didn’t let me slip away this time. He gave me a ring and asked if I would marry him!

We always enjoy spending time together, whether walking our dogs, camping, or just sitting around watching Dexter.

We are constantly working on our relationship, and have an incredible bond because of it. He is like no other man I have ever known.” -Andrea McClanahan, April 10, 2012


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